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Give us this day…

…the smell of freshly baked bread.


Lots of lovely people gave us John Lewis vouchers as a wedding gift and so today I strode into the kitchenware department of that fine emporium with a fat bankroll in my pocket and only one thing on my mind. A bread maker.

Having mootched about online we’d settled on the Panasonic SD-254 at 70-odd quid, but despite showing 9 on the shop floor on the computer the staff couldn’t fine a single one. I could have ordered it, but that would have taken four days, and in that time The Barn Store, Londis, la Fromagerie and Euphorium would have probably had another £20 of us for bread, ‘sides I wanted it now.  They did have the model up in stock though, the SD-255 the only difference being an optional raisin dropping mechanism (on further investigation it can also do rye bread, unlike the 245)

According to (yeah who’d have thought!) the SD-255 is ‘the Panasonic SD-255 breadmaker appliance is the dream of every one who makes bread.’  Dreams can come true it seems.  However I fear the review might be a translation as its editorial integrity slides off towards the end with lines such as ‘The ultra fast baking option is indeed a gift for those who wants to be fast in cooking’. If you’re still interested, there’s a more a more comprehensive review here, as well as Amazon, where it’s scored very highly indeed.

So, the dog’s twitchers of a machine, £7 on Dove’s various flours and yeast, knob of butter, pinch of salt and sugar, and we’re just 4:42 minutes from a loaf love in… Now, anyone know of a good electric butter churner?

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