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BBC NEWS | Whale spotted in central London

Link: BBC NEWS | England | London | Whale spotted in central London.

How mad is that! I had a meeting this morning with the news team and a user had email in a photo of the whale taken from one of the bridges at around 9 this morning… At lunchtime we’d scrambled the BBC chopper! And the embankment and bridges were packed with spectators.

FACT: If the whale should die. It’s up to Admiral the Lord Boyce GCB OBE (more likely is office) to arrange for a tooth to be extracted and sent to the Natural History Museum, and a proper burial to be made, and according to this that post was held by the Queen mum!

I read somewhere that all beached whales were owned by the Crown, but more often that not the Sovereign claimed only the tongue (the tastiest bit) and gave the carcass to the local community who would have eaten it… yum.

Anyway, we’ve just knocked up a homepage picture promo asking users to send in some more pics.

UPDATE: The King as Honorary Grand Harpooneer, gets the head, the Queen gets the tail, according to Moby Dick.


Bill Bailey wont you please come home

Spent yesterday evening within the company of the excellent Bill Bailey. And a very funny man he is too. Highlights included, Easternders, a bangera version of the classic soap theme tune; ‘cousin in red’, a banjo version of the Chris de Burg’s number One, (de Burg featured strongly as a figure of hate) but my particular fave was the techno remix of the News 24 theme. That and the zippery de doo dar song done in the style of Portishead, ahh trip hop, so fondly missed. The DVD is coming out in November, and I’ll think I’ll buy it.

In other news, the Mighty England won 3-0 against the Swiss. In-Ger-Land!

PS. Bill Bailey is famous for being the name of a long lost cowboy, as in, Bill Bailey won’t you please come home

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