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Tuckin’ in at Tayyabs

After inviting Chris and Niamh to sample some legendary Italian (dis)organisation and (un)hospitality followed by death by Powerpoint in Italian (and the odd dribble of olive oil); they very kindly invited me to a foodie chin-wag and nosh at Tayyabs.

The great and the good of food blogging London was there, spread over two tables like a wordy marinade and included hollowlegs, cooking the books, worldfoodieguide (bigger list here) They’d all BYO’d, except for me, who snaffled three bottles of Peroni from the Good Samaritan pub. Josh from Cooking the Book had brought a rose ‘that Waitrose recommends for a medium spiced curry’.

What followed was the classic Indian restaurant who-ordered–what-try-a-bit-of-this-ooh-that’s-nice banter, with the telling of tales and the odd rant (from me). The other diners looked on in bafflement as we all got up to photograph the special leg of lamb the chef had made us. Thus ensuring that the locomotory limb of said ovine had its 15 minutes of posthumous fame.

Then it was back to the pub, where schemes where hatched, but more on that later. Photos on Flickr. goes into hibernation

Hello. Just a wee note to let you know that, like the Blue Peter tortoises, is going into a bit of a dormant state while I concentrate on the Big Food Map project I’m doing for Channel 4.

The odd thing might appear on my Flickr stream, but for the next seven months it’s out with the carbonite on as I’ll be posting a lot less than I all ready am.

I’ll take a moment to reflect here on my small contribution to the internet. I started on the 11th January 2004, have I contributed anything worthwhile? Here’s what the WordPress stats machine had to say about my all time top posts.

4oD on a mac 4,907
Athena Classics: Tennis Girl 3,737
4oD on a Mac Part II 2,427
The History of the Channel 4 logo and id 1,336
Michelle wins the Apprentice.. what’s he 763

So it seems 4oD on a Mac and the history of the Channel 4 logo were popular, along with photographs of girls, one scratching her arse, the other spent a few weeks working for Sugar.

What’s more the top five search terms that people used to find my blog are as follows:

michelle ryan 10,948
drunk girl 4,073
4od mac 3,011
michelle dewberry 2,664
spit roast 2,416

Sigh. At times like this your with Leo McGarry’s view of the personal computer..’A more efficient delivery system for gossip and pornography? Where’s my jet pack, my colonies on the Moon?

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed blogging on eyedropper, I hope I’ve at least made some of you not looking for Muchelle Ryan images or how to run 4oD on a Mac laugh along the way.

I’ll be back in seven months.

All the best


UPDATE: If you want to get hold of me you can eee male, all 1 word, big food map at channel 4 dot com.

Open letter to food bloggers, foodgeeks and interesting people

Over on my Eating Albion blog things are hotting up, so knowing that this blog gets more traffic I’d thought I’d do a shameless piece of cross promotion.  Have a read of this…


This blog is no longer being updated

I've left it here for historical purposes. Please visit my new blog at


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August 2020