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My first go on an iPhone.

Not wishing to add to the iperbole but a visitor to Channel 4 scored maximum “ooooo-aaahh”points today when he showed off his 8gig iPhone to the new media dept after a meeting. I got to have a go, the pinch/push nav is a no brainer, the screen is bright and clear. I typed out ‘the quick brown fox…’ it came out ok. There was a slight ‘Newton‘ moment when Euan typed his named and it came out ‘Wuan’. Another thing was the girls were just as smitten as the boys, this is a key reason why the ipod sold so well I think, because it was quite gender netural. (See here for a female perspective of the iPhone.)

Strawpoll: Everyone wants one in this office, … they’ll sell like hotcakes on a cold day I reckon, despite the low spec camera that can’t shoot video.

Mitchell & Webb do the Apple ads

So Mitchell and Webb of Peep show and That M&W Look have redone all the Apple ‘Mac & PC’ ads for the UK.

They’ve kept the scripts similar, but Britishificated* them a little bit, in Pie Chart ‘just kicking it’ becomes ‘monkeying about’ which is nice. And I think Tenticle is a UK only one, maybe office at home too. But they could have gone a bit further I reckon. Oh and I watched ’em on youtube as the Apple site was soooo slow!

*As George W Bush might say.

Apple Products. Insanely great, or just good enough?

Core77 Articles: Insanely great, or just good enough? The wise Dan Hill has penned this on Apple design and ipod batteries. . . oh, and lots of links to classic design arguments and examples.

If He’s So Smart…

Fast Company | If He’s So Smart…Steve Jobs, Apple, and the Limits of Innovation
Thoughtful essay about ‘The Leader’ and Apple. . . and it makes difficult reading. In essence it’s drawing comparisons between the days when Apple launched the Mac and lost it all to the PC and the iPod. It also goes on to explain that apple relies to much on innovation.

Given that other companies are working on low budget music devices, is the iPod going to go the way of it’s great great grand-daddy and loose market share to cheap clones? Maybe. God it’s all so poignant though. It’s like the iPod is the new mac and iTunes Music Store the new GUI OS. . . We’ve even got Apples first ad in the Superbowl for 20 Years coming up!

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