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Tube strike yet again.

Hell’s teeth the Piccadilly line train I’ve just come home on felt like the last chopper out of Saigon.If this strike is about health & safety, there’s nothing to compromise that like a rush of commuters trying to make the last train. And while I’ve a belly full of ire and bile for Nick Griffin, I’ll gladly siphon off a dram for Bob Crow at the moment.

The Tube is such a critical piece of infrastructure that its total shut down for over 48 hours totally holds London to ransom.  Imagine if Thames water said ‘they’ll be no water for 48 hours’ or EDF said no electricity? And woe betide any terrorist threatening the disruption of infrastructure in the capital, they get the full force of the law.

Perhaps it’s time to consider the tube as a critical service, in a similar way to Police and the Fire Service?  While the withdrawal of labour is every worker’s right, I’m really beginning to think that when it comes to the Underground there should be some caveats, like no peak hour striking or work to rule or something.

These ‘all out’ strikes just wind up any potential support form the public, who being workers themselves generally support genuine claims for better pay and working conditions as well as being down on fat cats and fighting injustice, as Lady Lumley of Nepal recently proved. However I think you’d be hard pressed to find an ordinary Londoner who has much support for Tube staff at the moment.

Anyway, this blog will be back to food matters in due course.

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