Eyedropper’s excellent eggy bread

Of all the things to reach for,
to quell both stomach and head.
There is but one true winner,
My old friend eggy bread.

Eggy bread

Eat it fast, eat it hot

Like most people I have on occasion been known to over indulge. That ‘one last round’ to make the debit card amount up over a tenner, the night’s cash having just ran out, we’ve all done. it.  The morning after, a touch delicate and with culinary skills not quite up to par, there’s one thing to reach for: eggy bread.

And let’s clear one thing up, it’s eggy bread when made this way, not French toast, not pan perdu, not dusted with icing sugar and served with a fruit compote. The only way to eat it is mouth blowingly hot, straight off the chopping board while the next one’s in the pan cooking.

However, in a nod to health but also texture, I take a leaf out of Sting’s ‘Englishman in New York’ and like my (eggy)toast done on one side. Toast on one side you say, but how? Well, you can do it under the grill obviously, but that require keeping your eye on both hob and grill – far too much effort. Besides if you’re going to bother waiting for the grill to get hot you might as well get some bacon on, and a tomato maybe, hell go the whole hog to a fry up, and that’s a whole other exercise.

See I’m lucky enough to have a Dualit toaster that can take four slices, I simply switch it to ‘two mode’ but place each slice in the ‘cold’ slot so that the element only heats one side. The opposite ‘raw’ side then gets to slip into the eggy bath and soak while the oil and butter in the frying pan heat up. Then it’s straight in and twisted round to gather up any straying egg. If you are doing the grill method my advice is lightly toast four pieces of bread at once, it won’t matter if they go cold as you can easily reheat by flipping in the frying pan.

Eggy bread

Why go to all this effort? Well I just find that keeping things ‘toast’ on one side give you both ridgidity, texture and crunch. Egg on both sides, even on good bread but especially on cheap thinly sliced white bread, gives too much sogginess and grease. And the last thing you want with a hangover is a greasy eggy gag.

And who knows, maybe one day, I’ll be hungover enough to experiment with eggy-one-side-fried-the-other-bread™ ?  I won’t insult your intelligence with a recipe, just try the above technique and see if it works for you.


2 Responses to “Eyedropper’s excellent eggy bread”

  1. 1 Helen May 9, 2009 at 11:09 pm

    I was honestly just telling my other half about the conversation we had yesterday and I managed to persuade him to try your ‘toasted on one side’ method tommorow. Fortunatley I am being sensible and staying in tonight so there’s no chance of a ‘greasy eggy gag’.

  2. 2 erik May 10, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    alternatively you can stick two slices back to back in one side of the toaster (so long as it’s wide enough) then hey presto you’ve got two 1 sided toasts!

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