The BBFM makes the AOP shortlist

Channel 4 at the AOP awards

Wooo! I’m very pleased to say that the Big British Food Map has made the shortlist of the Association of Online Publishers 2009 Awards. It’s in the commercial partnership category.  As you may be aware Ford sponsored the project, lending me at brand new Ford Focus econetic which I only dented once (this tree came out of nowhere type thing).

I’m up against:

Accenture ‘Need to Know’ – News International
AutoTrader Vehicle Check – Trader Media Group
Big British Food Map – Channel 4 (woooo!)
Guardian and Nissan Qashqai – Guardian News & Media
Guardian and Renault – Guardian News & Media
Guardian and Robert Mondavi – Guardian News & Media
Jack Daniels & – IPC Media
Mirror Cashback in partnership with V A C Media – Trinity Mirror
New Scientist ‘Visions of the Future’ in association with Microsoft – RBI

Hmm, strong showing from the Guardian there, that might be tough to beat. Incidentally Sunday just gone was the day I started the Big British Food Map, in fact this time last year I was getting clamped.

Anyway, Fingers crossed for AOP glory and good luck to the other Channel 4 projects and products in the other categories.

1 Response to “The BBFM makes the AOP shortlist”

  1. 1 Helen April 30, 2009 at 6:55 pm

    Wooohoooo! Brilliant news! Congratulations. The Guardian to have rather a lot in there don’t they? There should be some kind of law against that. May the best man win anyway (you).

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