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Where are the Centaurs?!

Sadly Horse People with Alexandra Tolstoy, the BBC’s new equine exploratory extravaganza, doesn’t contain any mythical beasts, but more on that later.  What the first episode did contain however was footage of a horse being killed by the tribesmen in a remote region of Siberia. It subsiquently generated 106 complaints.  The horse was being killed for food by people without the luxury of a modern abattoir. What makes this debate interesting from last year’s F Word horse meat affair is that the shock seems to be over the method of dispatch rather than the eating of horse meat per se.  Personally I think the BBC was right to show it prefaced as it was with a warning, it’s real life. What’s more I think horse is fair game for the table; there’s plenty of them, the meat is edible and they’re not susceptible to diseases like foot and mouth.  Is in on a menu anywhere however? Probably not.

As for centaurs, a procrastinating google image search reveals imagery sufficiently weird to bend one’s mind.

can you spot the join?

Text book fantasy art including standard nude woman generic

Text book fantasy art including standard nude woman generic and spiky things

If you were a tiny centaur about to deliver the coup de grace to a normal sized snake youd at least be looking straight at it

If you were a tiny centaur about to deliver the coup de grace to a normal sized snake you'd at least be looking straight at it

So far, so fantasy, bring on the weird stuff I say…

The (really) odd couple

The (really) odd couple

4oD (Catchup) on a mac – epilogue.

Launched waaaaaay back in Novemeber 2006, 4oD (well the catchup service at least) is now finally available for Macs. All mac users now see the ‘sorry’ ad pre-roll above and let’s hope the apology is excepted ;-). Some stats from Pipes show that 6.7% of viewers were Mac users in the past weeks, and my posts on 4oD (here and here) are some of the most read on this blog.

The online video world has changed much since 4oD came to life on that dark autumnal night. The quick replacement of the desktop client option with the streamed-in-a-browser version of both the iPlayer and 4oD Catch-up has been interesting, i doubt anyone saw that being popular.  From my own point of view I’ve never watched a downloaded programme using the iPlayer mac client, I downloaded a handful, but kept forgetting to watch them and they all expired.

So what about the future? Well, it seems we’ve not got a new and interesting distribution model, now all we need is to change the programme format. In this on-demand streaming age, why stick to 6x30mins?

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