Kirstie’s Lost Ring

Tragedy has befallen the House of Allsop. The poor luv’s lost her engagement ring.  She popped out to Hackney M&S during a shoot and had lost it by the time she returned to the set. But where to start looking? Well, Cash Xchange on Mare Street would be my first line of enquiry, followed by the other Pawn brokers in E8. 

This picture was taken in Hackney two days ago…

The reward’s a cool £1000 and perhaps even a lock of her hair. And Kirsty if you can’t find it I’m sure my friend Luke can make a replacement. 



Kirsties Lost Ring.

1 Response to “Kirstie’s Lost Ring”

  1. 1 erik February 26, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    Do you think C4 will put something on their homepage the next time I lose my keys? and there’s far too many jokes waiting to be told about asking people in Hackney if they’ve seen Kirsties ring!!

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