Video off cuts: leftovers from the C4 pig project. Pt3

My travels with the channel 4 Pig have come to an end now. To recap, I got Tim Wilson of The Ginger Pig to cut up a side into the ten main cuts and then took those cuts to 10 chefs around the country.  I shot over an hour for each chef, which I edited down to 5mins for Channel 4. This left a fair bit on the cutting room floor so to speak, which it seems a shame to waste. So where possible they’ll be off cuts and scraps of video as well as some photos – It’s what the pig would have wanted.


Anthony Demetre, Arbutus. London

I’ve been a fan of Anthony’s restaurant for a long time, and so was mad keen to give him a bit of the pig. The cooking there is my style of food, simple, good strong flavours, not to much messing around. He’s also a good chef to talk about ‘the business’ too. I offered Anthony the shoulder to work with, and dropped it off a few days before hand.

SHOULDER - Anthony Demetre @ Arbutus
He’d originally wanted the head, but Hywel Jones had taken that part. Anthony also used the crackling as a garnish, but this didn’t make the final cut, so I present it here now, along with his thoughts on ragu’s and knives for your enjoyment.



Cracking crackling


Ragu guru Anthony gives us some knife knowledge 

There was so much meat on the shoulder that Anthony planned to make two dishes.  The first one was an Old Italian recipe, pork braised in white wine, sage, garlic and milk. The milk goes in an hour before the end, and as it cooks it sort of curdles and then goes golden – it’s a unique taste, and so time to make. I filmed Anthony prepping and putting it in the oven in the morning, ducked back in during a frantic lunch service to film him adding the milk, and then came back after lunch to film him plating up.

The second dish was a ragu, which wasn’t you gloopy read sauce, but much mroe delicate and featuring mint, anchovies and chilli, perhaps betraying Anthony’s Greek heritage, mint is used a lot in southern Med cooking.

Finally Anthony, like many of the chefs I visited, was rather impressed with Tim’s pork, saying it had a wonderful sweetness to it, which it does.

Anthony’s Milk braised pork shoulder recipe & video demo (pop up)

Anthony’s Pork shoulder Bolognaise recipe & video demo (pop up)


1 Response to “Video off cuts: leftovers from the C4 pig project. Pt3”

  1. 1 fourstar February 5, 2009 at 9:27 pm

    Really enjoying your pork.
    Er, that came out wrong.
    Anyway, thanks for these posts!

    And everyone does love crackling (except my wife).

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