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This Kangaroo is no more

CAPTION:  “I’m not dead… just buffering, honest – cough!

Lots in the media’s paper about this this morning. What a bloody mess, lots of public comments about how two massive high street banks can merge – fine – and that Ofcom thinks C4 and BBC Worldwide should merge – fine – but this isn’t allowed. Emily sums it up well I feel.

Here’s what I think. This report kicked off July last year, a lot has changed since then I reckon. We’ll see how this pans out but from here it looks like a blow to Brit media and to my friends who’ve worked on the project.

So all hopes are pinned on Project Marquee, or Project Canvas, the later “…requires BBC Trust approval but it’s hoped that the initiative will get under way by 2010″ (source) by which time the world will have turned again and they’ll be different hoops to jump through. You know when C4 built 4oD they got it out the door in about six months.  They say content drives technology, (the Coronation and TV take up) I reckon we won’t see a thing until… the Olympics?

4oD on a mac news

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4oD on a mac is by far the most popular post on my blog, closely followed by 4oD on a mac ptII .  I wrote both of these just over two years ago when I started at Channel 4.  The the online and real worlds have turned considerably since then. Yet at present running it via virtualisation is still the only way as far as I know.

But there was a tid bit thrown the other day by my old colleague Richard Davidson-Houston saying ‘Catch up on a mac, won’t be long‘. So there you go… Coming soon it seems. 

Catch up though, is not full on downloadedable 4oD as far as I know.  Tell us more Rich…

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