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The Crystal Palace college of very high education*

If I’m in of a Monday evening, I am rather partial to playing along with University challenge. So much so that I’ve been keeping score.
The rules are:
You have to say the answer out loud before any on screen contestant.
If you shout out a wrong answer to a starter question you have to loose five points, just like they do.

University Score University Score CP College (me)
Christchurch – Oxford 245 Homerton – Cambridge 65 55
Birmingham 200 Magdalen – Oxford 210 60
Birmingham 145 St Andrews 200 110
Worcester – Oxford no record Pembroke – Cambridge No record 115
Edinburgh 130 Bangor 105 85
Uni central Lanc 90 Sheffield 265 135
Durham 120 St Edmonds Hall – Oxford 255 155
Exeter 215 Jesus College 140 110
Manchester 260 Newcastle 105 85
Nottingham 180 Christchurch 305 135

As you can see I’ve come second twice, and not done too shabby on other occasions, and there’s one of me and four of them. What’s more my Alma Mater was St Martins college of Art where I did sculpture! Pah, kids today. I wonder if you could make a red button or online version of Uni challenge? At the moment there isn’t even a holding page for it on the BBC.

*As in it’s the highest point in London.. not high as in a 60skind of a way – man. Though this blurb say thatWesterham heights is the highest point, but look at the map, that’s not really in London is it, that’s Kent!

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