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Fairy tale of New York

Shane.The true meaning of Christmas.

Auntie’s upset a lot of folk with it’s censorship of The Pogues classic ‘Fairytale of New York‘ the numpties. Vent spleen here or here. I think it’s nuts for all the reasons most people have stated. However, someone ‘could’ submit an Freedom of Information request* to the BBC (by click here) enquiring how many complaints it has actually received on this subject? They have to respond by law within a certain time. Also, I though Radio 1 had a policy of not playing anything over 10 years old, hence their banning of the Quo, or have they stopped that now?

I think it’s a great song. It’s the only Christmas song that contains a row to my knowledge. As as we all know Christmas can also be a time for the odd crossed word  right? It’s a real Christmas song, about hopes and dreams, love and fighting, but the belief that next year will be better. Also there’s no mention of Santa, Jesus or Reindeers…yay!

Also nice to see Radio 2 not giving a hoot and playing it anyway.

*FOI is fancinating, here’s a list of all the canteen complaints for this year. Why someone wanted to know this I don’t know.

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