McDonald’s sees fit for a refit

New McDonald's on Victoria Street The refitted McDonald's on Victoria Street McDonald's on Victoria street

Everyone’s favourite high street public toilet chain has refitted its Victoria Street branch. In a record 72 hours they’ve turned it into something more akin to Pizza Express, right down to those single funny red plastic looking flowers with the yellow stamen. It’s all dark woods, fake leather and bar stools, contrasted with clean cream lines and colours. All of which highlights even more the fact that you are eating out of a sheet of greasy paper with your fingers. That’s right, the only thing that looks out of place now is the food.

There’s a large homeless community in and around Westminster Cathedral, many of whom could be seen nursing a cup of lukewarm coffee in this branch of Maccy D’s. I wonder what they make of it?

2 Responses to “McDonald’s sees fit for a refit”

  1. 1 Chris December 17, 2007 at 9:34 am

    Does that mean they’ve got rid of that weird ‘McCafe’ bit by the side? It’s been a few months since I was in those parts but the sight of McDonald’s trying to go upmarket always made me laugh.

  2. 2 eyedropper December 17, 2007 at 9:42 am

    yes teh McCafe bit has gone… This branch of Maccy D’s must be where they test out loads of crazy ideas, most of which sink.

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