Hot cheese = Instant comfort

hot cheese... mmmmm

I’m back! I think it was Queen Elizabeth I who said of a capon ‘that it be too much for one yet not enough for two’. As producing capons in the UK is banned nowadays I’ll probably never have the chance to eat one. However I would add to the list of things that are ‘too big for one but not quite enough for two’, baked Camembert.

Can’t be bothered to fondue? And let’s face it Fondue sets are like middle class cheese toastie makers – bought at Christmas, used once, straight to the back of the cupboard – go for a baked Camembert. It’s all the hot cheese fun without the stink of paraffin and the table-top fire hazzard. Which when you’ve got two cheese loving nieces like my two is a good thing. Plus the little Gingham cloth goes down well with the little ladies.

my nieces enjoying a baked Camembert

Also since me and my girlfriend split up I’ve had a lot of people popping in for a chat, and you’ve got to give them something right? Also wasn’t it in Spooks that the agents were eating cheese to stave off getting drunk? Was on the BBC, must be true.

Anyway there’s this recipe from James Martin, but I don’t bother cutting the top off before baking it as I think it’s easier to do afterwards. Another tip is try to find a bowl/dish the size of the cheese, then you don’t always have to buy the ones in the wooden boxes. The dish in the top photo came from a M&S pudding I think, and fits a Camembert exactly. Tip number two is try grapes as well and carrots, celery, potatoes and bread. But if there’s two of you, you probably won’t have quite enough cheese…


2 Responses to “Hot cheese = Instant comfort”

  1. 1 gk January 2, 2008 at 3:23 am

    I found this link to capons at Manor Farm Game. Maybe you should try one next Christmas and don’t forget to send me an invite. On “Charles Dickens and the Invention of Christmas” (Dec 23, BBC One, 3.40pm) one of the butchers in the Harrods’ food hall said he always had capon at Christmas, so you might be able to get one there. These Ellel Free Range Poultry look good too. Or maybe some Poulet de Bresse?

  1. 1 What a tea/dinner/supper* « Eating Albion Trackback on February 8, 2008 at 11:43 am

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