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From Homechoice to No Choice

Homechoice/Tiscali is shit - OFFICIAL Homechoice in action

Three years ago I decided to get Homechoice as I thought it a great product that offered phone, internet and on-demand services, as well a replay, a sort of budget catch-up service, all for around 20 quid a month.

I even recommended it to three friends who all subsequently took up the service. It had innovative things like the Kids Minimote, and a in 2005 got a snazzy new image desinged by Nevil Brody.

But ever since Tiscali took over the service has been run into the ground. Also if you’re an original homechoice user you’re on a worse deal that a new Tiscali subscriber. I’ve had loads of drop outs, crashes, poor customer service, and replacement boxes. It been BTs fault, it’s been my ‘distance from the exchange’, or the wiring in my building. But never the fact that they’ve not got teh oomph to deliver the product.

Well I’ve had enough. I’ve cancelled Homechoice, it was good once, but the sell out to Tiscali and rapid expansion into other UK cities has come at a cost to the infrastructure and customer support.

Think very hard before you take up this product. And if anyone from Homechoice wants to speak to me its eyedropper – at – mac – dot – com

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