BBC iPlayer launch: The first 14 days (and Mac Support)

BBC iPlayer launch: The first 14 days – currybetdotnet – 17 July, 2007

Martin’s tongue-in-cheek take on the first 14 days of the BBC great hope, the iPlayer. Bits on BBC News here, message boards aflame, particularly with regard to mac support. I was at Andy Grumbridge’s leaving drinks the other day when in walked Ashley Highfield, Director of Future Media. Paul, the 4oD editor (and also ex-flextech employee) and I got chatting with Ashley about 4oD and launch of the iPlayer.

Here’s what he had to say, on the record. Mac support, by the end of the year. Happening in one of two ways. option a: Streaming. Like the ITV model and like other BBC clips and news offerings, the content will be streamed (he didn’t say what protocol this would be done with). Option b: Working with Flip4mac to add MS DRM to that product.

Stay tuned… And then there’s always Kangaroo!


2 Responses to “BBC iPlayer launch: The first 14 days (and Mac Support)”

  1. 2 dp August 2, 2007 at 2:54 pm

    Streaming is the easy alternative for those that don’t want the hassles, risks and costs of download and p2p.

    For the BBC—and the rest of the world—try the RadioCentrePlayer and the Radeo Internet Player. MS Windows and Mac OS; IE, Firefox, and Safari browsers; Windows Media, Real, and QuickTime players. Web-based streaming—no download or install. Free and easy—now.

    For BBC offerings easily from one place—including Radio Player, News Player, Sport Player, Weather Player, Podcasts, and World Service (including foreign languages) and TV Clips, Film Network, and Collective—click the Search tab and open The BBC at the bottom of the list. This is significantly more than the BBC intends with their iPlayer.

    And, perhaps most importantly, the personalization—presets, interests, playlists, histories, share and news emails—is beyond their horizon.

    The Radeo Internet Player
    More than 10,000 Stations, 20,000 Shows, and 800,000 Episodes—
    Broadcasts, Webcasts, and Podcasts Worldwide—Audio and Video.
    Wherever You Are, Wherever They Are, and Whatever They Are.
    Easy to Play Your Favorites, Find More, and Share Them.

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