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BBC London boy Barbet goes bigtime on breakfast!


Thought I’d overslept this morning as I turned on the TV to hear BBC London presenter Matt Barbet, must be the 8 o’ clock bulletin… But wait! He’s on the sofa with national sex bomb Suzanna Reid?! Confused first thing in the morning?! I was. He did the show on Saturday, perhaps as a screen test. Matt’s very popular with the ladies too apparently, there’s an interview with him here.

So it would seem King Durmers has an heir apparent! Wonder what Susanna thought, was it me or did I detect a slight hand holding? Heading up the flagship morning show is a lot harder than reading the news in the regional bulletins. You’ve got to have charm, wit, and be able to think on your feet. I thought he handled the interview with Barbara Pointon about her husband’s death from Alzheimer’s very well. I also thought she was an incredibly strong and brave woman, all credit to her for being in the film, natch certain groups are up in arms, despite Barbara defending the film maker.

I’ve noticed on Breakfast that when the interview is with a high ranking politician, it’s always seems to be Bill or Durmot who does the interview, I wonder if there’s a hierarchy?

So well done Matt, local boy done good (even though he’s from Cheshire) And here’s siren Susanna thrashing grandpa Bill on the Wii, (back to the bee’s billy!) And some images of her in full flow.

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