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You’re not my bionic muvvah!

Thanks to a chum in C4 I got to see the pilot for the new Bionic Woman starring Michelle Ryan, known to us in Blighty as Zoe Slater. You can understand why she wanted out of ‘Enders after the script called for her finding out that her sister’s her mum, her mum’s her gran, her uncle’s her dad and her dad’s her grandpa. (Proof if it were needed that Ender’s lost it years ago)

So it was off to the USA and the big screen and the lead role as the Bionic woman. Pilot’s are always difficult to judge and this is no exception. It felt liked they’d squeezed too much into it, trying to cover to many bases and, well it just felt lacklustre is all I can say. I also felt they could have implemented the technology better, like how Battlestar added whole new layers of complexity with the religious angle. The bionic eye for example was a reticle that swooped round looking for a target, all very HUDy, but just felt really pedestrian. This could have been more of an ability. And if you’re into amputees, there’s a bit where she’s got no legs.

The show trades on it’s Battlestar connections both in front and behind the camera, I didn’t really get a sense of malice from Katee Sackhoff as the baddie of the piece, and why is it that female heroes always face up to female villains? And ‘The Chief’ seemed to be there to earn some pin money.

So on the whole not so much re-imagining as re-hashing. But who knows, it may bed in in the future. Good luck to Michelle Ryan though, as I think she’s quite a honey and would be my top cast if I were making ‘Pre-Rahpealites: The Movie’.

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