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Big Brother Eye Logo.

There have been a few comments in the Channel 4 feedback log questioning whether the Big Brother eye design is in anyway influenced by or an homage to Madeline McCann’s eye condition.

This years BB logo was designed months ago as far as I know, the master version I’ve got has a created and modified date of 13th April 2007, Madeline went missing on the 3rd May.

I remember seeing designs for it as far back as January and if anything I think the designers were aiming for more of a futuristic test card feel with colour and gradations of tone (though the test card is a BBC thing). You can see this if you look at the animated version.

So the short answer is no, it’s just coincidence.

Surely this is nothing more than the human ability to see patterns and relationships in things and to make imaginative leaps in context. It probably came in useful on the Plains of Africa for distinguishing lions from the grass. However we now no longer need that skill much, so we now use the ability to make wild speculation that comes with the silly season that is BB.

UK broadcasters shopping in America

Is son of Frasier on its way? | Broadcast |

Well the pound is so strong! I think C4 should have got Dexter, as it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen this year, but it’s on FX in july…

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