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Who’s idea/gearbox is it anyway!

You Don’t Know You’re Born, ITV shameless rip off of the BBC celeb genealogy show, Who do you think you are?. What’s next? Channel Five ‘Oo are ya!’ where five Premiership footballers trace their roots. But then as my post pointed out a few days ago, the BBC and Channel 4 have some very similar UGC ideas… just goes to show, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. There’s a good round up of who’s nicked what off who at Digital Spy though I don’t agree with Chat show X is a copy of Chat show Y, or the idea that the BBC ‘copied’ CiTV when in launched CBBC… it’s one thing to launch an entire channel or use a generic format like chat shows – which have been around since Wogan and before.. but celeb genealogy, come on, that’s specific. Are they going to take on etymology and copy Balderdash and Piffle?

Interesting media fall out about the Branscombe looting/salvage story. It’s got that perfect British blend of petty victimless crime and paperwork. Effectively, you can steal this, as long as you fill in a form. There’s this weird thing, the front of yesterdays Times had it, about carrying on a noble tradition of nicking stuff from beached ships. You might as well romanticise bear baiting, domestic violence or pick pocketing by the Artful Dodger as ‘tradition’. According to that organ of truth the Daily Mail, Matt Scott 34 and his 19 year old girlfriend drove all the way from Bradford, a six hour trip, that’s got to be 40 quid in petrol at least. Mike said “I have got a brand new gear box and some scrap metal”. Well ‘brand new’ and slighty salty, and what with the other 200 people who’ve got one, I’d say the bottom just fell out of the second hand BMW gear box market.

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