4oD on a Mac Part II

Matthew’s comment of 4oD on a mac:

Some of us can’t afford copies of Windows and Parallells.

No DRM for Macs indeed: Helix

Or how about offering Channel 4 created shows in some other way?
Or using iTunes. We currently don’t have TV shows on the UK iTunes, but if a major broadcaster got on board, I’m sure that would change.

My thoughts back..

I know many people can’t afford/don’t want to have XP and Parallels on their macs, I was sort of being ironic. Anyway, bootcamp’s free (for now) so you don’t need Parallels. Also mac’s ain’t cheap.. but yeah we shouldn’t have to pay again for a new os is your (valid) point. But Real! nearly all of the streaming video complaints that came into the BBC were about Real, (Martin B, have you got any stats on this?) But I agree they’re an option, but not one the industry seems to want to take. I presume they must have consulted them…

As a long term mac user, I too am a bit miffed that there’s no mac support from any broadcaster for these on demand technologies, but taking my mate and ex Beeb colleague Martin’s findings the industry is looking at about 5% mac usage compared to PCs., so perhaps there’s an economic reason as well as a technical one? No broadcaster has made the leap to iTunes yet, and yes, perhaps they should, having seen how well Guardian/BBC/C4 podcasts do according to the iTunes Top Podcasts.

Perhaps C4 and others should look at flash delivery a la YouTube for some free stuff. When the BBC launched creative archive they offered content in WMP, Real and QT, trouble is the BBC have at least some things they own outright, even if they’re old clips of tigers, and can offer them. C4 has nothing, from it’s very inception it was designed to be a honey pot for the independent production industry, as a counter balance to the BBC, so there are no ‘channel 4 created shows’.

I think perhaps the real miss opportunity in this is that the super indies, like Talkback, Wall to Wall and Endermol haven’t come up with anything of their own. But then they’re production companies, who read broadcast magazine and care about ‘over night’ stats, few of them have a ‘long tail’ strategy in place, or even care from my experience. If I was the chairman / CEO of any super indie I’d be looking for a digital solution to making cash from my back catalogue, that didn’t involve DVDs.

And then look at what the Guardian are doing, they’re quietly transforming themselves from a newspaper company to a media company, but crucially, they make and own the content and own the outlet… like their London Whale film / exhibition / printed content roundup. If that ain’t a 21st Century rapidly congealing messy media company, I don’t know what is.

PS – Just for David B here’s The ‘Zone running on OS X – Schweeeeeeeeeet
battlezone on a mac

5 Responses to “4oD on a Mac Part II”

  1. 1 Matthew January 23, 2007 at 9:29 pm

    I can understand the reluctance to use Real, I know that I really dislike Real and RealPlayer, but it’s better than nothing.

    4OD doesn’t bother me that much, because there’re only a few shows I watch on Channel 4, mostly American ones, which I can buy with my American iTunes account if I so desired. But the thing that’s going to really annoy me is the BBC iPlayer, which will presumably be based around the same Microsoft DRM technology (considering the BBC signed their deal with Microsoft last year), both because I watch more BBC programmes anyway, and because it’s being payed for with our license fee, and we won’t even be able to make use of it. Unless they work with Crossover, which I’m currently using the beta for, and which seems to work quite well. And this is the second beta I’m on (another advantage of Macs, no bloody registry) because I just deleted all files to do with it and reinstalled the 60 day beta. 😛

  2. 2 Matthew January 23, 2007 at 9:37 pm

    Oh, and sorry for being a little snippish in my comment on your previous post, it’s just something that’s really annoyed me, right back when I took part in the BBC iMP trial (which happened while I was moving to a Mac).

    I read today about the BBC teaming up with Google Video to offer content there, referring back to your flash idea. Surely they could all just do that, but only have access from the UK. And that way they could offer there entire back catalogue permanently rather than just the latest programmes.

  3. 3 Ele February 8, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    Seen the latest? iPlayer for Mac sometime this year:


  4. 4 aew December 20, 2008 at 11:07 am


    iplayer for mac now available, you have to also download adobe air

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