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Unemployed for four days.

I’ve had this week off to get the stale taste of the BBC out of me mouth before the hopefully minty freshness of Channel 4. I don’t know about you but time off from working is weird. I had all these plans for things to do, films to watch, exhibitions to see, and I’ve hardly done any of them.

It’s amazing how you can fill your time with utter rubbish when you try. For instance today I had a bit of a clear out, read the gas meter, took some old CD jewel cases and pens to the library, they were very grateful, then took my box of change to the Coinstar machine in Sainsbury’s, I then spent 35 mins idling round looking at stuff, I spent 10 mins deciding which brand of herbal tea to buy! (And is there any thing worse than bloggin about doing nothing?! Arrrrrg!) Also by his very nature eyedropper is a rather social creature, so after two days in the house I’m bouncing off the walls.

Still, I have managed to meet a friend for dinner, another one for lunch and see the Velazquez exhibtion, interesting though it was, and they are stunning, I was more captivated by the (mainly old) people cramming and crooning to get in front of each picture..”move over Harold I want to experience it!” all with audio guides strapped to their heads.

I’ve also spent time sending pitches about my ‘Food in Japan’ feature, tidying my desk. Playing at being a barista with my new Gaggia coffee machine. And now it’s Friday. Where’s the week gone?

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