50 years of the Sky at Night

Congratulations Sir Patrick Moore and the Sky at Night team on 50 years of the show. I saw Sir Patrick once when he did a live chat at the BBC back in 2003. He walks with two sticks these days “Thanks the Nazi’s for that” we heard him say. The news piece on him had him complaining at the schedulers, but I think he should rest assured that most people interested in astronomy will watch it online. Still, a 30-min ‘best of’ with some proper pundits talking about it would have been good.

With today’s loss of Magnus Magnuson, I’m concerned who’s going to take over when Sir Pat has to stand down. There’s only one name in the frame… It’s gotta be the astronomer Brian May CBE, (sign this to petition his Knighthood) Sure Chris Lintott can ramp up the ‘here comes the science bit’, but Brian would be a great front man. With Queen he did the theme for Flash Gordon, so why not just mash it up with The Sky at Night, with Sir Pat on Xylaphone…

(Thumping xyla baseline: Dum, dum, dum…) “Sky ……..At Night!” “You’re window on the universe!” (Brian’s guitar: Doo doo do do-dow!)

I reckon the book Bang! was a first his first toe in the water, come on Brian, you know you want too.


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