LL928 – Exploring the Galaxy at Christmas

So I’m home at my mum’s house for the first time in ages. And what’s Christmas for if not deciding at 11.30 at night after a few beers that you really should listen to your inner geek child and get your old Lego out, download the instructions off the internet using only your mobile as an (expensive) connection and see if you’ve still got… ‘the knack’.

Me: Mum where’s my Lego?
Mum: Upstairs in your sister’s old room.
Me: runs upstairs Where abouts?
Mum: In the wardrobe.
Me: Errr, No, that’s quite clearly her ‘Earth’ Lego, where’s mine?
Mum: I don’t know, I think you gave it away?
Me: Never! It must be up the loft.
Mum: (sigh) Be careful!

So there I was, ladders out the garage, banging around up the loft nearly putting my foot through the ceiling, and right in the corner.. there it was. found it! Ahhh, nothing on Earth sounds quite like the sound of Lego being tipped out of a box…

I had a couple of Lego sets, mainly space including the Star Fleet Voyager, and one of the Base ones, as well as some of the first castle Lego, but my pride and joy was LL928, aka the Galaxy Explorer . Widely regarded as the finest Space Lego set ever, a classic piece of Lego design; when sets still allowed for customisation and play. I think I got it for Christmas in either ’81 or ’82, and 24 years is along time, would I still have all the pieces, or had the ‘Great Hoover’ taken them forever? So, with pixellated plans downloaded (from here) I set off.

LL 928 Galaxy Explorer - 14
I get most of the super structure built before hitting a problem. I’ve lost or broken the hinge to the ramp at the back. I can find one bit, but not the smooth bit. Ah well, a bit of modification is needed. It was nice to see all the old stained pieces again, some broken or stained, some with teeth marks in, or play dough squashed into them.

LL 928 Galaxy Explorer - 10
By this time I’m missing some of the black and yellow wing markings as well as the top window piece an a grey rocket thruster thingy. I decide to go for the ‘battle damaged’ look, with heavy modification.

1am ish – Finished! Blimey that took longer than I thought! I’m sure I used to be able to build this in about 20 minutes?
LL 928 Galaxy Explorer - 7

Not too bad as it goes. I was missing a grey wing, which I replaced with a white one from the Star Fleet Voyaget set, and some other bits had to be grey not the original blue, but all told I think I used to look after my toys as a child rather well. Anyway, I went to bed content and happy.

More pics on Flickr for you real brickheads. It’s on eBay for £120 boxed in mint condition!. And here’s the T-Shirt.

3 Responses to “LL928 – Exploring the Galaxy at Christmas”

  1. 1 Jims December 31, 2006 at 10:42 am

    Argh noooo! That’s how it all starts, with the nostalgia and the whooping and the assembly. Then comes the curiosity and the eagerness to find other sets and soon you’re scouring eBay and getting up at five in the morning to go to car boot sales to pick up more space Lego. Before you know it you have a whole room filled with pirate ship galleons and Norman castles… and your live begins to sap away.

    As a former Lego widow, I beg you – put down the knobbly blue brick and step outside the building! You’ve never experienced pain until you’ve stepped, barefoot and bleary-eyed, on one of those little monsters at 2 in the morning…

  2. 2 Martin Belam January 1, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    Oooooh, ooooh, I had this too. I particularly remember it because I got it for a birthday when my parents had to be away for my dads work, and so I had to build it by myself in my Grandmas flat

  3. 3 Tim Sharpe August 20, 2010 at 10:30 am

    Funnily enough I was just blogging about LL928 here http://bit.ly/bUVf5k. Must have spent hours and hours constructing, modifying, reconstructing that kit. Fantastic. I find modern Lego leaves me a bit cold by comparison.

    Great stuff and I couldn’t resist including a link to old LL being constructed in mine.

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