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I’m back! Good news and bad news

Fact: All ‘not blogged for a while’ posts on the blog-o-sphere start with excuses and apologies, well not this one, I’ve been on holiday!

A week away form the smoke in Suffolk was just what, um, I ordered off the internet. Ooh where to start.

Good news!

great holiday. Lots of pics on Flickr of it all, a fantastic eco cottage in Stoke by Nayland called the Pumphouse, a reconditioned 1930s pumping station.

I’m slowly working out what I want to do with the rest of my life…..

My mate Chris had a baby Boy, Jacob Riley Martin came into the world weighing in 7lb 13oz – hurrah!

Crystal Palace Park had a great firework display to comemorate the 70 years since the original burnt down.

Pheasant evisceration.
I plucked, skinned and gutted two pheasants. From this to this in 20 mins. There’s a video coming to YouTube soon, oh yes.

I saw the moon through a large telescope. It moves very fast.

Bad news

Doug at work died.
It’s the saddest thing… Martin summed up his work exploits, which were legendary. Here was a guy that actually cared about actual users, spoke to them on POV, explained things, and ultimately got stuff done. And they’re a rarity in this day and age.

The Ballard of Darren and Viv came to an end when the phone rang early one morning and I answered it.
me: Er, hello
Viv: Is Darren there?
me: No, you’ve rang before, I think you’ve got the wrong number, you’re Viv right?
Viv: Vivian, yes. Oh, he must have moved then.
Me: Er, yeah, I’ve had this number for two years, is it possible he gave you…
Viv: Goodbye…Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Me: …the wrong number, hello? Hello?

BBC launch even shitter digital marketing campaign.
Oh for the love of God where to begin on this one. Fallon are responsible. The ‘wife swapping’ one is the worst.
Here’s my round up of bad BBC Digital marketing campaigns… and there have been plenty more I can’t find images for.

And finally, Christmas heaves into view.. All hands on deck!

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