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drunken images: Seeing double

drunk girl in Bristol

This image has been doing the rounds a bit on the news site recently.
here,,here,here,and even here!

So in an idle moment I thought I’d look it up. as I think it’s an oddly compelling photograph. Here’s the blurb

A woman lies on a bench after leaving a bar in Bristol City Centre on October 15, 2005 in Bristol, England. Pubs and clubs are preparing for the new Licensing laws due to come into force on November 24 2005, which will allow pubs and clubs longer and more flexible opening hours. Opponents of the law believe this will lead to more binge-drinking with increased alcohol related crime, violence and disorder while health experts fear an increase in alcohol related illnesses and alcoholism.

Photographer Matt Cardy
Picture Format Colour – Wire
Origin Date 17/10/2005

That poor girl’s one night out’s been used for over a year! Hmmm, over used generic alert mode engaged! Personally, here’s my favourite image for illustrating binge drinking. Pah! Toffs, they just can’t take their booze! Thus proving we all need a ‘lie down’ once in a while.

drunk guy at York Races

YORK, ENGLAND – JUNE 16: Race goers make their way home as a drunk race goer sleeps after attending the third day, Ladies Day of Royal Ascot 2005 at York Racecourse on June 16, 2005 in York, England.

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