The Sun’s had a redesign

The Sun has just relaunced it’s website with a greater focus on video and pictures. The Guardian, lifting straight from the press release no doubt, says The Sun Online redesign should allows readers to find blogs and podcasts more easily.

Pity those blogs are some of the poorest mainstream media blogs I’ve ever seen. Very few have comments, the only one that does is Trevor Kavanagh’s, perhaps he’s picked up tips from our very own Nick Robinson. No permalinks, no calendar function, No one links to anything; These aren’t blogs, they are reporters diaries. Mind you the BBC’s done some really shit ‘blogs’ in it’s time. Check this ‘blog’ about..wait for it.. a guy reading a book.

Still at least Deidre’s casebook has embraced the digital age and gone all video. In a moment of Muybridge clarity Deidre said “I’m just thrilled with the way you see the photos come to life.”

1 Response to “The Sun’s had a redesign”

  1. 1 Ed September 5, 2006 at 8:42 pm

    It plays a video when you visit the page without you starting it… When you try to pause it, it just starts from the begining again! (On Firefox at least)

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