For those about to rock… We will sue you.

Link: BBC NEWS | Magazine | Discord over guitar sites.

Sepia mode on: It’s 1991, and a 16 year old eyedropper has spent the summer working in a chip-shop in Lyme Regis. He’s returning up north with a ruck sack of dirty washing and a wodge of hard earned cash… cash that is to be spent on a guitar! Weaned on rock and metal during the dancey ‘E’ Madchester rave years he’s fired up as grunge takes the UK by storm! He spends £200 on a Tanglewood Les Paul copy and and a Marshall Valve-state amp! Plugs it in, runs a finger across all dails up to 10, and let’s loose a right racket. So how do you play this thing?

When I was learning guitar we didn’t have the internet.. so we’d either try to work it out by ear, get a book out of the library, or shoplift one – any of these options doesn’t really get the publisher any money. Nowadays budding axe boys and girls can learn they’re favourite songs in a jiffy… This move is perhaps the single most stupid thing I have heard yet. (Up there with shutting down Harry Potter fans sites.) Yeah kick fans in the nuts you money grabbing tossers. Anyone who’s ever used tab is reading that whilst listening to the song they already own.

So, on to bit-torrent with tabs then. And to see that Beautiful Day by U2 is one of the artists being deprived on anymore money is gauling, like they need the cash. If you’re in NYC on sept 26th you might like to meet a member of the lawfirm representing the NMPA, Moses Singer, at a talk Gideon Rothschild is giving entitled ‘2006 AICPA Briefing on Tax Planning for Wealthy Clients’. Says it all I reckon.

I wouldn’t mind if music publishers had a decent digital alternative, or put the tab/sheet music on the damn CD – bang problems solved – but, no, there’s none. And to only just come round to this when Olga’s been around for over a decade is shameful. Once again it’s us, the fan/consumer getting it in the bum. Google however, has 292,000 results for U2. btw If anybody cares it goes – A –> Bm –> D –> G –> D –> A. So keep on rocking in the free (tabs) world kids, or – and this is a better plan – sod them and make your own better music.

Furthermore, the BBC has massive music output, yet I don’t think we’ve ever done a ‘learn to play guitar’ style offering apart from this, which is soooo BBCy it would make any kid worth his plectrum vom.

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