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BBC org chart proposed on 19th July 2006 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

BBC org chart proposed on 19th July 2006

Well it seems I now work for BBC Future Media & Technology, a boyhood dream come true. Here’s the changes at a glance.

In honour of this chanage I made thisfuture_media.

Today’s been the hottest day since 1911… it’s OFFICIAL…. So the talk Ashley H gave over in an un air-conned room in Woodlands was like the Black Hole of Calcutta – Which was a shame as it was soo uncomfortable i was hard to concentrate.

Well see how it all develops. In my opinion the overall message is a good thing, as it puts (here goes..) ‘futuremedia’ at the heart of things. It’s the final big wake up call to the rest of the BBC, particularly those that think in a linear television way. So many Exec focus on the TX that they don’t even take publicity stills let alone think about the web offering.


A blog from Lebanon

Link: the human province.

A friend of a friend of a friend who’s stuck in Lebanon. It doesn’t look good. The US Embassy seem to be making a real mess of things according to him, including making Evacuee’s pay to be evacuated.

Living London Awards – The Winners

Results: LBC website.Yippee! Crystal Palace favourite Joanna’s won best neighbourhood restaurant. And just look at the other South London faves… ‘ave that Norf! Dulwich won best Gastro Pub, Best Bookshop, coffee shop. Brixton and Clapham did well in the Cinema catagory.. The South shall rise again!(or most LBC listeners live in Dulwich)

Does Michael Grade actually watch any Telly..?

…Let alone listen to the radio or use the website. Maybe he hadn’t had his morning cup of coffee but he didn’t even get the name of a successful prime time BBC One show right! Grade: “celebrity come dancing, strictly dancing, Strictly Ballroom dancing – must get the title right, was enjoyed by millions of people” And he was on FiveLive yesterday and didn’t even know about “Only Fools ON Horses”. You can watch him balls it up here BBC NEWS | Programmes | Breakfast | Michael Grade. Reminds me of a Dead Ringers sketch that went “And now on Channel 4, how clean is your celebrity builder from hell?” He just seemed really stuck for good examples of programming. He could have said, Doctor Who, Planet Earth, The Apprentice, Secret Policeman, Festival coverage, Trafalgar celebrations… big landmark stuff that only the BBC can do.

Come on Mikey, have a scan of the Radio Times once in a while eh? Members of the public are going to mention very specific programmes that they like/dislike and while you don’t have to comment on them directly you should at least know what they are, there’s more to our output that Today and Newsnight. And I’m sooo glad I work in a ‘healthy wealthy’ sector!

Ms Cox…

cox_fitAhh, such a simple formula. Take one salt of the earth husky voiced Northerner and dress her up in the trappings of the aristos and you’ve instant ‘my fair lady’ sex appeal, no? In short, well fit.

Mind you, I’m attributing this to what we’re calling the charity-fancy halo effect. This revealed itself in the office the other day when a couple of ladies I work with found themselves strangely attracted to David Walliams after he completed his post channel swim. See for youself… is he sexier now he’s raised £500,000 for charity?

The End of the World….cup.

They think it’s all over…etc at least it probably is for Zindane, what was he thinking? Make’s Rooney’s “accidental” stomp look like child’s play. Last dash moments of madness aside I thought it was a great world cup. Fair play to the German’s they put on a great event, though the TV direction was a bit carp… Far too many shots of the manager, which really don’t interest English fans, but then maybe that’s because we’ve had a boring manager for the last 5 years? I don’t care about the managers, I want to see the players and more replays, and only cut to cute female fan/fancy dressed male fan IF the ball’s out of play or the game is going really slowly.

And though England were a disappointing as ever, I think we won as a nation for getting behind the team from a fans point of view. Great to see the cross of St George as a rallying point for the nation, finally, once and for all claimed back off those that would use it for hate. And to all those snobs that moaned about the flags on cars and everywhere and how things we’re better in the good old days, just look at this image of Crystal Palace from 1937, compared to this one taken on the day of the England v Portugal match Now that’s bunting! Jeeze… Anyway. A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the Getty Archive in North London. It was great fun, and there was a short talk and then a chance to explore some of the highlights of the archive. I was lucky enough to hold in my gloved hand a black and white negative of England’s ’66 win… probably the closed I’ll get to lifting the World Cup.
Getty Archive Visit - 4 Getty Archive Visit - 5 Getty Archive Visit - 12

More pics of Flickr. That’s it until Euro 2008….

7th July remembered.

Today at noon I went with many other colleagues to stand outside the BBC offices, near the flag poles, as the midden that is my desk didn’t seem the place to mark the anniversary.

The FT Daily Telegraph The Times The Sun The Guardian Morning Star The Star The Mirror The Independent The Daily Express

All today’s frontpages. The Star goes for an arse, natch. I actually quite like what The Sun’s done with the bus route montage. The Mirror The Times and the Guardian all focus on the released video. The Indi takes goes for the Prescott story, while the Daily Express falls back on an old favourite, Diana, hence it’s Private Eye nickname of the Diana Express (Incidentally I did a little research, the current tally for Diana stories on the frontpage of the DE is around 28 since Christmas, that’s an average of one a week, and here they all are) Not much imagery on the wires to speak off.. Shots of Ken and the wreath laying, and the minutes silence at noon.

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