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Litter – bugs – me

Today I got on the 09:27 Watford Junction train from Clapham Junction, and sit down to read the Metro and listen to my iPod. The guy sat on the table opposite is eating a pastry and drinking a coffee. When we get to Olympia, I get up slowly, as does he. I let him go first into the isle to which he says ‘thanks’.

I tap him on the shoulder and say, ‘are you going to take your rubbish?’ as he’s just left the cup and scrunched up bag on the table, ‘no’ he says, ‘so you’re just going to leave it there?’ ‘yeah’ he says and moves to get off the train ‘what a dick’ I say loudly. The rest of the sheep like passengers shuffle off the train and don’t say anything. He was a smart looking 40-something in shirt and trousers and with a briefcase, you expect it off kids but not older professional people. What sort of a fucked up world are we living in when people eat organic muffin’s and skinny lattes and then litter the place? Litter really pisses me off, especially when there’s a bin on the train.

It looks even worse on some bits of the tube.

In other news… Anyone want to run the BBC homepage?! Perks include sitting next to me and standard un-competitive BBC salary (remember, you’ll do it for the luuurve). Closing date 6th August.

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