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Does Michael Grade actually watch any Telly..?

…Let alone listen to the radio or use the website. Maybe he hadn’t had his morning cup of coffee but he didn’t even get the name of a successful prime time BBC One show right! Grade: “celebrity come dancing, strictly dancing, Strictly Ballroom dancing – must get the title right, was enjoyed by millions of people” And he was on FiveLive yesterday and didn’t even know about “Only Fools ON Horses”. You can watch him balls it up here BBC NEWS | Programmes | Breakfast | Michael Grade. Reminds me of a Dead Ringers sketch that went “And now on Channel 4, how clean is your celebrity builder from hell?” He just seemed really stuck for good examples of programming. He could have said, Doctor Who, Planet Earth, The Apprentice, Secret Policeman, Festival coverage, Trafalgar celebrations… big landmark stuff that only the BBC can do.

Come on Mikey, have a scan of the Radio Times once in a while eh? Members of the public are going to mention very specific programmes that they like/dislike and while you don’t have to comment on them directly you should at least know what they are, there’s more to our output that Today and Newsnight. And I’m sooo glad I work in a ‘healthy wealthy’ sector!

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