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The End of the World….cup.

They think it’s all over…etc at least it probably is for Zindane, what was he thinking? Make’s Rooney’s “accidental” stomp look like child’s play. Last dash moments of madness aside I thought it was a great world cup. Fair play to the German’s they put on a great event, though the TV direction was a bit carp… Far too many shots of the manager, which really don’t interest English fans, but then maybe that’s because we’ve had a boring manager for the last 5 years? I don’t care about the managers, I want to see the players and more replays, and only cut to cute female fan/fancy dressed male fan IF the ball’s out of play or the game is going really slowly.

And though England were a disappointing as ever, I think we won as a nation for getting behind the team from a fans point of view. Great to see the cross of St George as a rallying point for the nation, finally, once and for all claimed back off those that would use it for hate. And to all those snobs that moaned about the flags on cars and everywhere and how things we’re better in the good old days, just look at this image of Crystal Palace from 1937, compared to this one taken on the day of the England v Portugal match Now that’s bunting! Jeeze… Anyway. A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the Getty Archive in North London. It was great fun, and there was a short talk and then a chance to explore some of the highlights of the archive. I was lucky enough to hold in my gloved hand a black and white negative of England’s ’66 win… probably the closed I’ll get to lifting the World Cup.
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More pics of Flickr. That’s it until Euro 2008….

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