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Question Youth?

Schools Question Time - 12

So this afternoon I went to a mock recording of Question Time to put four young panellists through their paces and eventually come up with a winner to appear on the real show. I also got to ask a question. I did a promo for this back in… late May as you can see… The competition invited users to submit a statement via mobile phone video clip. And these were the best four.

I had a great time, and David Dimbleby is a top chap. My only reservation was at the political bent of the student panel. Let me put it this way, it wasn’t exactly Paris ’68. They were all Blairbots or Cameron-o-trons, who often agreed with each other (crime on QT surely?)…. Well schooled in spin, they seemed to be pro-Iraq war, pro-private healthcare, probably pro-nuclear power and pro-immigration cards if asked. They said things like “I saw on the news” or “I read in the papers” a lot rather than “In my experience..”, dangerous stuff indeed.

I thought the job of the young was to piss off their elders with talk of descent and sticking it to the man… if you can’t do that when you’re young when can you do it? Certainly not when you’ve got a mortgage and a 9-5 a la moi? I’m just not sure these were a cross representative of young adults, mind you if those with more leftist (or right to be fair) leanings can’t be arsed to get off their.. arse and enter a
two minute clip about themselves then that’s their fault. I dunno, I just expected to see a bit more ‘yoof’ issues.

Anyway, we got a winner, and he’s on question time tomorrow night.

As I was in Millbank and this finished at around 5, I decided to drop in on my old employer the Tate Gallery where I had a cheeky pint with my old mate Rich. He then had to go back to work, but I then spent an hour talking about photography to the young bar man, who’d just finished his degree in Teeside and moved to London over three more beers and then chipped of home to watch the football.

UPDATE: And the winner was Matt Pollard, you can see my pictures here and some video of the candiates here.

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