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Home to Roost and the O2 festival

So sometime in the past I must have said something to someone, or given my business card to someone, and the other day an unsolicited envelope turned up with a review copy of ‘Home’ by Rooster from Hudson PR (yeah, the state of the website speaks volumes). Since then I’ve had four different calls from different people at Hudson asking can they have some PR and what I thought of it. I said I’d pass it to someone in Radio1.

The song’s ok, in a middle of the road Virgin Radio white guitar rock 4/4 kind of a way. Too over produced for me and doesn’t exactly give a lot lyrically. Songs about ‘going home’ are always a bit iffy, there’s usually a roads reference, a ‘back to you’ line. What’s ‘home’ actually mean anyway? Like in films when they say ‘let’s blow this thing and go home’. Home’s a nice cup of tea and a sit down, maybe a biscuit or a snooze, that’s home. Remember that ‘Home..where my thoughts are racing. Home..blah blah” that went with the MSN advert? Or was it Windows 95? (I thought that was Start it Up by the Stones?) That always seems a very American view of home to me.

Anyway, my real issue’s with the whole Song BMG –> PR Co. –> Media review CD process I guess – are labels and PR agencies still doing that?. Compared to way say Hill & Knowlton went about promoting the Chocolate phone Hudson’s approach couldn’t have been more anachronistic if they’d faxed me the sheet music. The World and his wife knows these days that that’s not the way to reach the My Space generation.

Belle & Sebastian

In other music news, I went to the O2 wireless festival last night, and saw Belle and Sebastian, (who do sing about cups of tea) and The Strokes. I got on the guest list through a mate, so braved a gormet burger from the VIP area washed down with a £3 can or Carling…went straight through, didn’t touch the sides, at least the guest pen had decent loos. Nice to see a lot of beer throwing in the crowd during the Strokes set, not quite as bad and the bottle ‘n’ can fest I witnessed during the Metallica set at Monsters of Rock festival in 1991, now that was throwing beer around! Tsk! Kids today eh? (I did feel a bit old….gulp).

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