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Is there a World Cup on? A sideways look at the newswires

wc_subbuteo.jpg wc_stamps.jpg wc_model.jpg
wc_sheep.jpg wc_pies.jpg

Ah, pre-world Cup news stories. Yeah we’ve had all the metatarsal updates and team news, but what I really like is the odd ball stories that form part of the ‘football frenzy’ features in the phoney war before it starts proper. Look at this lot I found on my daily trawl of the BBC incoming newswires. Anything with a St George’s Cross on it is fair game natch, from apple pies to deported Mexican Glamour models…

The rise of the Crouch-o-bot continues apace with the news that Subbuteo are to produce a dancing figure, but Lordy how bad is that photoshoping? That’s just a 15px stroke!

World cup stamps. if you’ve got a model, and some stamps, it’s hard to get them composed in the same close up granted, but I’m not sure sticking them to her face is the right approach.

Best of all is the deportation of hard working glamour model Kiara Guard, got to hand it to her husband though, who turned up carrying “…a placard showing Kiara clad only in the Cross of St George and holding the World Cup” as well as offering this handout image. Surefire way to get your issue up the media’s agenda.

Finally sheep are always good for a laugh, and everyone loves pies right?

Four days to go, then it starts for real. And I’ve been working on something really special for the BBC homepage, but more on that later in the week…

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