Doctor Who – The Impossible Planet pt I

BBC – Doctor Who – The Impossible Planet.

Hurrah, this series of Doctor Who finally revs up a bit. Is it me or has there been too much reliance on ‘Transmitters trying to take over the populace’ type stories? We’ve had what? The Eye last series, the Zeppelin over Battersea this series, and then last week Alexander Palace. Enough with the transmitter brain take over. I thought the werewolf/Queen Victoria story was grand mind. See I reckon they could have made a great story skipping about time in Crystal Palace. We’ve got a huge transmitter, and in the 19th Century Queen Victoria opened the Palace here. What about some evil that’s been buried after the fire of 1936, and the Doctor has to jump between times, but in the same space solving the puzzle.

Anyway, nice to see it back on form.


1 Response to “Doctor Who – The Impossible Planet pt I”

  1. 1 Martin Belam June 6, 2006 at 4:14 pm

    Yeah, we liked it a lot at Belam-towers-by-the-sea, although we couldn’t help thinking there was something slightly Doctor Zoidberg about the Ood.

    I agree that somehow this series has seemed slightly less than the sum of its parts – maybe the initial “Oh-my-God it is Doctor Who and it doesn’t completely suck” euphoria has worn off.

    Looking forward to the World Cup homepage treatment BTW

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