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BBC – Later – May 26th 2006

You may remember the story in the news about BBC staff making up the audiences for popular BBC shows like Top Gear, Jonathon Ross and An evening with Paul O’Grady.  Well one show that sort of went round via viral whisperings was Later…with Jools Holland, and it was to this that I went last night.
Bonkers lineup though. Crosby and Nash, Dave Gillmore, Paul Simon, Elvis Costello and…. The Streets.  (Plus some crazy Brazilian drumming band) The Green room must have felt like a retirement home. What Mike Skinner was thinking as he nodded along to Simon’s ‘Graceland’ is anyone’s guess.  Jool’s interview with Simon didn’t reveal much. Jools: Why’s it taken you 6 years to release a new album?” Simon: “Well 9/11 happened….” There was a tiny groan from people around me. But hey, he’s the envy of every Starwars fan.

Likewise his interview with Skinner, but then Jools isn’t about the probing NME style interview, he more of a ringmaster of aural blood sports.  A guy I know is in Belle & Sebastian, and he says that doing Jools is liek stepping into the gladatorial arena. Didn’t really feel like that last night, more of a aural chess match, still had a great time and was glad of the opportunity to go. I think the public performing license has come through now, so they’ll be letting ‘normal people’ back in for next weeks show.

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