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Technology | Yahoo homepage to get make-over

So the Yahoo redesign is nearly ready for launch. Design and stuff aside I think they’re onto a winner simple by offering a sneak preview.  Oh how I wish we could have done this on the BBC redesigns.  Why? Well it goes some way to stopping all the ‘what have you done to your homepage?’ comments that come flooding in.

In recent years we’ve taken steps to garner feedback, most notably, the dalek, flash promos and planet earth. Add to this actually inviting users to help us redesign the page in the reboot comp, and it’s a much stronger position than we were in back in 2002.

Last week I was at an away day entitled something like ‘where will be in 2009?’ (Manchester?!) It was run by the Suggs of New Media, Tom Loosemore and was an open invite to anyone BBC new media who wanted to come and talk about where we’re going / what were doing and it generated a lot of good ideas.

But back to the Yahoo! design.  It’s very light, with not much colour or tone, they’ve gone for the lightest of light blues, a few drop shadows and small images (again). It hardly represents a paradigm shift though… I’m all for evolution not revolution in homepage redesigns but this, on the surface, doesn’t seem to be much. In fact I think they’ve just swapped stylesheets with who’ve ditched their left hand nav and moved it to the top, just as Yahoo! have moved theirs from the top to the left! Heh heh.

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