BBC Climate Change experiement… Phew what a scorcher

If you didn’t know, the BBC is running a climate change experiment as part of a wider series of programmes addressing the issue. The experiment involves downloading a screen saver (PC only -pah!) that crunches your assigned bit of data while you’re off making a cuppa in a similar way to the SETI one a few years back. There’s more on what the experiment is trying to do here.

Anyway, we promo’d it on the homepage, and the next day we got some positive feed back from our colleagues in /science

Only two days in and we’re on 45,000 PCs, which is already 8 times the power of the supercomputer that the Met Office has! It’s certainly the biggest ever now – and people are getting very excited – and there’s months to go!!!

That’s great news. And as of now it’s up to 51,485 hosts in 137 Countries. You can see the geographical spread of those taking part on It’s a really wide mix too. I think this is going to be a fantastic project, us Brits are obsessed with all things meteorological as this image shows…
weather headlines

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