Anthony Worrall Thompson’s Cake of Death!

AWT Death Cake AWT Death Cake, originally uploaded by

This is all that remains of a slice Anthony Worrall Thompson’s Snickers Pie, a.k.a The Cake of Death. The recipe was taken down by the food team for ‘recipe checking’… The homepage team answered the call for volunteers to try the cake out, it was very rich and tasted of… Well, Snickers. Turns out that all the fuss was about portion control. Yes it has 1,250, but that’s only because the recipe mistakenly said serves 4. In the same a large chicken would have a load of calories if you put serves 1 at the top of the recipe. So they’ve changed to to say serves 12.. Ta dar!  Anyway, the Recipe is here. ‘Sides, Wozza’s name is mud in our house for ousting Greg on Saturday Kitchen. He now bickers with every guest he has on, especially if it’s James Martin whom he once employed…Here’s a better Woz, but can he cook?

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