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Darth Vader as Project Manager…

What would happen if a certain Dark Lord of the Sith were to visit a flagging construction project…

Vader visits Wembley

And here’s the real story

EastEnders is 21 today

To mark the occasion I’ve done 21 (count ’em) individual picture promos starting with Angie and Dirty Den from ’86 and featuring some of the best characters from the show right up to Pauline and Joe’s wedding, which is apparently the big story-line at the moment. You can all 21 as the appear hourly here.

However in the course of all the research for this, I turned up this recent classic.. so without further ado, I present the Totally Unofficial EastEnders Caption Competition. Any suggestions in the comments section below. Winner might get a prize….
Unofficial EastEnders Birthday Caption Competition

Want to know the first sentence uttered in Enders? See it here

BBC Climate Change experiement… Phew what a scorcher

If you didn’t know, the BBC is running a climate change experiment as part of a wider series of programmes addressing the issue. The experiment involves downloading a screen saver (PC only -pah!) that crunches your assigned bit of data while you’re off making a cuppa in a similar way to the SETI one a few years back. There’s more on what the experiment is trying to do here.

Anyway, we promo’d it on the homepage, and the next day we got some positive feed back from our colleagues in /science

Only two days in and we’re on 45,000 PCs, which is already 8 times the power of the supercomputer that the Met Office has! It’s certainly the biggest ever now – and people are getting very excited – and there’s months to go!!!

That’s great news. And as of now it’s up to 51,485 hosts in 137 Countries. You can see the geographical spread of those taking part on It’s a really wide mix too. I think this is going to be a fantastic project, us Brits are obsessed with all things meteorological as this image shows…
weather headlines

Tessa light’s up

It would appear my mad cow of an MP voted against the ban on smoking in public places, yet she’s the minister for amongst other things, sport. Doesn’t say much about the fitness of the nation does it? Unless she’s got a secret plan to have respiratory diseases entered into the Olympics… Mind you we’d still probably loose out to Eastern Europeans. Anyway the vote was passed

In and oddly connected way I plucked a used A4 cardboard folder out of the stationary cupboard the other day and it had written on it ‘Govenor’s [sic] response to Graf’.. See, that £60 million overspend’s sure not gone on new stationary.

One Wet Suffragette – From the Lambeth Archive

Link: Lambeth Landmark.

Article covering an incident that took place in the grounds of Bessemer House, Denmark Hill, at the Chancellor, Mr Lloyd George’s meeting. Supporters of Sylvia Pankhurst’s suffragette movement, a young man and woman and later the Rev.C.A.Wills, interrupted the meeting and were assaulted and thrown into a pond in the grounds.Published in the Daily Express, 22 June 1914Article published in the Daily Express, 22nd June 1914

Ahhh those were the days.. A Rev Willis who ‘interrupted’ a speech by Lloyd George is carried outside and thrown in a pond! Then a steward wades in and tries to duck (dunk?) him, that bloke from the Labour conference who shouted out ‘liar’ at Jack Straw got off lightly!

The Amstrad Apprentice


So The Apprentice is back… Well if you missed out on the opportunity of selling those funny emailer phones much beloved by grannies, or can’t be bothered with twelve weeks of gruely back stabing/team building exercises and role play, then just mail Amstrad your CV here.

Trainers Galore!!

Link: BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Trainers bonanza from cargo wreck. Heh heh heh

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