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The ballad of Airport Express and the HP printer.

There’s not much need for printing at eyedropper towers, but over Christmas we not only needed to print out some routes via google maps, but afterward I wrote a dozen thank you letters with pen and paper and my hand ended up looking like Jeremy Beadles! We also took a load of pictures that we wanted to send to olds not online.

So with this in mind I hit the sales looking for a cheapo printer. We plumped for the HP 3940 as it was under £50 and more importantly had the smallest foot print. My cunning plan was to hook it up to the house Airport Express, this wasn’t to be however. Plugged it in.. It can see it, but can’t install the drivers correctly. Annoying it works fine when plugged straight into the USB port.

After much googling I found a host of links with recommended Linux drivers and all sorts of stuff including this, and this. Crikey, consoles, root users, compile PPD… what a pain in the arse. For the amount of printing I do, it’s just easier to plug the damn thing in.

The moral of the story, check your printer will work with Airport Express before buying it.

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