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Tom Ang gets out of the wrong side of the bed…

Link: Guardian Unlimited Technology | Technology | Seeing the big picture.

…resulting in a grumpy article bemoaning the rise of digital photography, despite him presenting ‘A Digital picture of Britain‘ a few month ago on the BBC. A show that only really worked because of digital photography.

Reading past his comments about 7/7, and tech milestones, we get to this The arrival of each new model offering more features and more quality at lower prices means that consumers are the winners. That’s a good thing right Tom?

Next up he talks about the restructuring of the professional side of the industry…To join the digital world, these professionals not only have to abandon large investments in equipment and experience, they must retrain to use computers and imaging software. eh? Any professional who couldn’t see the oncoming of digital needs to get out of the darkroom a bit more.

After all says ol’ Tom.. The industry has now dumped ultimate responsibility for image quality on the lap of photographers – amateur and professional alike. All the quality control processes formerly ensuring that you got good results when films were developed and printed now sit in your hands.

That’s a good thing surely? Besides Tom seems to be doing rather well in authoring books that help you do just that. Amazon lists 46 books by him, including Tao of Photography and… ahem Private Album: How to Take Your Own Nude Photographs, surely that’s cashing in on the ‘biggest’ driver in ‘self developed’ photography, know wot I mean?

This bit made me laugh…The working day suddenly grew hours longer: with nightfall, we can’t put our feet up. No, we sit at the laptop downloading images, captioning and backing up. Blimey, someone fetch the man his slippers.

I guess I’m slightly let down by Tom on this, and the bloody Guardian, who’d love people to send in images to their I’ve been theresite. I though he’d be one of the people realising that this is the most interesting time in consumer photography since the mass production of colour film. Printing won’t die, it’ll just go specialised, they’ll still be people (mostly men) who want to spend hours in dark rooms that smell of vinegar.

interestingly enough I’ve been rather swayed by Kodak’s new adverts. For the average Joe, it pushes all the right buttons; plays on the fear of fire, rousing score, friendly fat American etc. My only thought was they should regionalise them, but that would be a lot of effort for each region.. but behold, they’ve done it on their websites! (well, they’ve redubed the English guy). I wonder how much they paid for all the right clearance for all the classic images that appearing in the ad, like this one and all the Muhammad Ali ones? It’s worth noting that they don’t appear in the online app.

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