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New York siddy… it’s raining.

Crikey it’s been a while since the last post.. That’s because I’m in NYC, only it’s chucking it down outside and we’ve got 20 mins for we have to be somewhere else, so I’ve got time to put finger to key.

First off, just before I left to come here I went to the BJP’s Vision conference as a portfolio judge for the third year. The standard was very high this year bar a few stinkers, but most of the students seems very corporate focused. I guess that’s the way it is these days, none seemed to be doing photography for the love of making images… Mind you with college debts no topping 10,000+ the halcyon days of further education are long gone. Strangely enough there were one or two adult photographers this year, people with complete books, past commissions and proper equipment. The only thing they lacked was guidance… Which I felt silly offering in one case to a guy who’d been a photographer for over 15 years but who’s book seemed frozen in the early 90s…’erm, get some new work’ is had to pad out to 10 mins.

I had the following Friday off too, as I had a mate coming over to watch a certain trilogy… but before that I wandered up to the shops to get some supplies. 11am was fast approaching, and I’d left Morrisons so wasn’t sure quite where to observe the 2 min silence. As it happens the CP war memorial is just by the side of Morrisons and I saw a few veterans assembling there.. So I went over and stood with them, after we’d paid our respects I got chatting to one of them, a Mr Jack Russell, who’d lived in south London most of his life, and who saw action in the far east.. we were chatting away and I thought what the hell, so I said, let me buy you a drink.. the pub across the road had just opened so we went there… I then spent an hour listening to the most amazing stories of this old man.. He spoke of how they’d all come to the Crystal Palace for a treat as a boy, and the things he saw in the war. I think he was just happy that some one ‘young’ had come and remembered, and that he had someone to talk to. He’d also submitted his story to the BBC People’s war archive, with the help off his grand daughter. He was, in short, a truly nice old man.

Anyway, after I got home my mate Dan came round at noon and we watched all the Lord of the Ring’s films in one go.. my head was mush by the time we finished at 1am. That’s what they fought for…

NYC calls.. the rain’s stopping, big post to follow.

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