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Zzzzzzz – Not the Bee’s Knees…

Link: Red Bee? I’m not keen on the new name for what was BBC Broadcast.. According to this Digit article The spelling as ‘Bee’ came from an internal brainstorm when we were looking at nature’s expert navigators.. Hmmm, I’m sure there’s better species at navigating than bees, makes you think what they discarded… I spent this lunchtime with colleagues thinking up other colour/animal combinations, we got

Ochre Gnu
Ultramarine Platypus

Thing’s people have said around here.
1. It looks like Uniqlo’s logo.
2. Bee’s arn’t red
3. Bee’s sting you, and then die
4. We’re all Communist drones
5. Pam Masters, CEO of Red Bee Media, is now known as the queen bee
6. It sounds like a Shoreditch start up company

Then there’s The super hero – The Red Bee. When I first saw it, slapped on my office which we share with BBCB, I thought it was R-D-B-E, with some sort of symbol in the middle. My main problem is that two of the three E’s don’t look like the other one… It’s fundimentally flawed as well as a bit shit. Still, a name change was part of the conditions of sale. Only time will tell if this goes the way of Consignia et al…

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