Buffalo…Tuxedo…Doctor Who…Wetlands

I’m back, after a week off seeing family up north and researching a story about buffalo farming in the Peak District (more on that later as I’m working to get a publisher for it – some shots on Flickr) We also visited Chatsworth House, which if you’re ever in that neck of the woods is well worth a visit. It’s not a cheap day out, but you can see where every penny’s gone, and me niece moved the farm and the adventure play ground. The restaurant/cafe in particular offered up tasty options, even the kids choices were healthier than most of the standard battered something and chips.We came back from up North so I could attend the Association of Online Publishers annual awards. This saw me having to don a dinner suit and black tie which I thought made me look a little bit like a bouncer.. There was a lot of booing of us by the Guardian table, (come on then!). In the end we won two awards, one for the Podcasting trial from Radio & Music and One for News Interactive best consumer website.Doctorwho_homechoiceAlso upon my return I see Homechoice have got all the new Doctor Who’s on the C1 replay channel. They’ve also gone the extra mile for the ‘kids today’ and got five other stories feature other doctors from different years, and have put the whole lot into a snazzy DVD style interface. The featured episodes are:2005 – all the episodes | 1989 – The curse of Fenric – ep1-4 | 1985 – Timelash – ep 1-4 | 1984 – The caves of Androzani – ep1-4 | 1976 – The deadly assassin – ep1-4 | 1972 – The three Doctors – ep1-4I started watching ‘The Three Doctors’ .. it was hard going. Now working at the BBC means I’m working with some of the most hard core Who fans who’ll be able tell me if these are good episodes… I wonder if Homechoice consulted any Who Fans about which would be good ‘showcase’ episodes? Or maybe they just went for one’s that were four parters?To round off our little holiday and because the weather was nice today we decided to go to Richmond Park, only at the traffic lights somewhere in Putney we saw a sign for the London Wetland Centre and decided to give it a try. It was rather nice, thought there were lots of men lurking in hides and bushes with telescopes… Had lunch there too, not as good as Chatsworths,So back to work tomorrow

1 Response to “Buffalo…Tuxedo…Doctor Who…Wetlands”

  1. 1 Martin October 10, 2005 at 10:53 am

    Bloody hell, if you found The Three Doctors hard going then wait until you get to Timelash.

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