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aperture demo – at Mac Expo

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yeah, that’s right, he’s counting the gigs of RAM you’ll need on each finger if you want to run Aperture in any half decent way. It looked pretty good, but you’d really need a top notch desk top machine to get the benefit.

In all Mac Expo was rather good.. I was amazed at at how big an industry has sprung up providing iPod accessories. If you’ve got some white plastic and a Tandy electronics set, or a girl friend who can sew leather, you’re in business.

A lot of the store holders I spoke to said that what with it being half term, they’d been a lot of families through, one store had run out of freebies on the first day. That’s no bad thing I reckon. There did seem more retail type booths than simply trade ones this year.

Booth Babe count was extremely low, thankfully, though tosser with a radio mic speaking to two slightly interested people was high.

Sage Advice from Rhodri

Link: do you come here often? – herbie goes bananas.

Lambeth WWII bomb landings

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Lambeth WWII bomb landings
Lambeth WWII bomb landings,
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From a VERY SMALL exhibition in Crystal Palace library. Looks a lot, but actually Croydon was the most bombed region of London.

Trafalgr & Flickr

Link: BBC – homepage – Home of the BBC on the Internet.

Well just a few moments ago a link to Flickr went live on the BBC hompage, safely contained in the special ‘Trafalgar on the web’ box, lest there be any confusion. In the oil tankeresque direction of the BBC homepage, this perhaps represents a handbrake turn.

Crikey I remember when the was noise coming from other parts of the BBC about external links… “but..but.. you’re sending people away!” came the cry. As Martin talks about here, Radio 1 linked to a Flickr group for John Peel night and it worked well. Users seem much more au fait with technologies like these now. Mind you, if you saw some of the comments and questions in the BBC feedback document, you’d see there are plenty out there that arn’t.

Edwin Smith

An ostentatious avowal of honesty is the commonest prelude to an act of deception, and it cannot be reasonably doubted that he who first had need to claim that the camera could not lie concealed a well-worn retouching pencil behind his ear or beneath the folds of his generous tie

A fantastic opening line from a 1947 third edition of ‘All the Photo Tricks’ by Edwin Smith (great biog here, well worth a read) picked up at my old man’s auction house last spring and which I’ve been dipping into ever since.

Flowingly written, it’s the sort of British upper middle class boffin’s guide that had all but died out by the end if the 50s. I love the idea of hiding pencils in the folds of generous ties. Smith’s tips introduce themselves like dinner guests at some grand party. Take this example.

The activities of tone separation are not confined to any one room in photograph’s mansion, it has the run of the house and constitutes an alternative means of presenting any subject material.

Smith never really thought of himself as a photographer, he was an artist and an architect that just seemed to fall into the trade by chance. His equipment was 20 years out of date, yet he obtained some fantastic results. His choice of subject matter too, the English countryside or it’s churches, gives the impression of a gentle quiet man who saw photography as a means to record an environment around him that was soon to change for ever. This is perhaps born out on the final pages of the book.

The man who lives in his eyes is continually confronted with scenes and spectacles that compel his attention, or admiration, and demand an adequate reaction. To pass on without pause is impossible, and to continue after purely mental applause is unsatisfying, some real tribute must be paid.

no one writes guides like that anymore.

See more: V&A Exploring Photography – Edwin Smith.

Yay! We made the Sun’s ‘News in Briefs’

Thanks ‘Becky 22 London’, I’ll pass your two points on to our complaints and feedback team.
box out becky

iPod / BBC gossip and gadgets

BBC leaks info about the new iPod – Apple, launching a new video, here at the Beeb? and this, and more photoshopped stuff here… To good to be true…?!

There’s more rumours about a pink Madonna version like the U2 one.. Personally I’d like to see a Ronnie Barker version, a black nano pre loaded with all the classic video pieces and two pairs of gold glasses etched on the back… Actually I think comedy, particularly standup, would work rather well on an iPod, unlike Citizen Kane or Starwars. Close up shots of heads, the odd wide shot of the audience, after all most of the Oomph in standup comes through what’s said…

That said this is nice too. IPOD-Photo Stereoscope.

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