citizen journalism – the debate rages on

As you may know my thoughts on the whole Citizen Journalist debate were recently published in the BJP letters page (see below). It prompted a pompous and sarcastic response by Barry Beattie, Chairman, Freelance Division, Chartered Institute of Journalists.

He begins by quoting my comments, then goes on
One almost hears the combined shrieks of amazement from [his] executives [at] White City HQ (or is it Haight Ashbury these days?) at anyone who actually has the temerity to expect payment for material used.

(Haight Ashbury – ho ho ho!) He continues… The BBC’s latest website ‘scam’ is to try to get amateurs to send in their mobile phone pictures of the Notting Hill Carnival! Nevertheless, in the atmosphere of the BBC’s new age of enlightenment, I’m thinking of applying for the position of ‘Citizen Online picture editor. Of course in the sprit of ‘sharing experiences’ I would not wish to be paid for my efforts, and I’m sure Mr Webb would gracefully step aside confident in the knowledge that the BBC is a ‘porous institution’ and would soon find him something else to do. He then describes some recent case where two girls took phone pictures in court and were found in contempt, before rounding off with a final dig at me…

Oooh, hangbags at dawn! Well, here’s what I’m planning to do… in the sprit of openness and transparency, I’m going to contact Barry today and see if he’s up for meeting me for a drink and discuss the subject further in a calm professional manner… Stay tuned to find out what happens.

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