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I was bored, So I read some Dan Brown

I said I wouldn’t read anything by Dan Brown ever again after The Da Vinci Code and Deception Point, but this weekend I sadly found myself reading mrs e’s copy of ‘Demons & Angels’. It’s worse than the other two by a long chalk.. Look at this…

The central office of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is in London just west of Piccadilly Circus. The switchboard phone rang, and a junior content editor picked it up. “BBC’ she said, stubbing out her Dunhill cigarette. The voice on the line was raspy, with a Mid-East accent.

Smoking! In the BBC, and Dunhill, as if! Lies and misinformation about the Catholic church is one thing, but the BBC… that’s just not on! Plenty more errors here here.

Anyway, after three (strikingly similar in plot) Dan Brown books, I’m never reading one again. And now I’m left with the guilt that I didn’t use my weekend more effectivly, though I did watch a lot of cricket and have a great dinner at Alchemy on Gipsy Road, so it wasn’t all bad.

Big day for the homepage tomorrow should England win it…

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